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Sample Clips Edited or Animated by Monica Nolan

Here are clips of some of the documentaries, news stories and shorts I have edited or made, in reverse chronological order. (Click on the still for each to view the sample clip.)
Christine in the Cutting Room, a work-in-progress. Susan Stryker directs this experimental documentary examining Christine Jorgenson's sex change and subsequent celebrity.
Forever's Gonna Start Tonight (2009) Still going strong in her 70's, transgender performer Vicki Marlane recounts the ups and downs of her amazing life. Directed by Michelle Lawler. Forever won the audience award for Outstanding Documentary Feature at LA's Outfest.
Bachelorette, 34 (2007) Kara Herold's documentary concerns "one woman's examination of the ubiquitous belief that marriage equals happiness." The opening credit sequence was created primarily with Photoshop and After Effects, and reflects the documentary's found footage aesthetic. Premiered IDFA.
"The Soldier" a KPIX News Segment (2002) After working over four years at several Bay Area news stations, I have many news stories in my portfolio. This one stands out for me because it started out as an interview-only piece until the Afghanistan footage arrived.
Grrlyshow (2000) A film about women who make zines, this film combines found footage, interviews, zine images, and a pseudo how-to movie within the movie. Directed by Kara Herold, premiered Sundance, distributed by Women Make Movies.
World of Women (1995) The final project of my first year in graduate school, I wrote, directed, and edited (on a flatbed) this imaginary trailer for a lesbian pulp movie. Cathy Crane did the lovely noir-homage camera work. This is a re-edited version from more recent years, a trailer of a trailer.

Below are links to pieces I've edited which live on the web:
"Bits to Atoms on Adobe XD" — a piece about Adobe's lantern making booth at the Maker Faire featuring a very cool laser cutting printer.
"The Future of Publishing" — Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Publishing and Michael Gough of Adobe discuss the future of the written word.
"Russian Mirage" — a news piece from Link TV's Global Pulse news series about the 2008 Russian election.
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